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Hourly Recording Studios

Need to get your project recorded but don't have a studio setup of your own? Come to Rehearse Live to lay your tracks down in our hourly recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia! Craft your work in an environment outfitted with quality equipment so you can take full advantage of your skills. Musicians of any skill level can come to our studios to bring projects to life. You shouldn’t have to wait to get your recordings done just because you don’t have the right gear.
 As you can see from our image below, our hourly recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia, is built to fit musicians comfortably so they can record and refine their work. Whether you’re an individual artist or you have a talented band at your side, you can work in one of our recording booths with ease. You can learn more about our music recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia, below. Schedule your visit anytime you’re ready to take the next step forward in your creative pursuits at Rehearse Live. 



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Michael Cady



We are conveniently located just minutes from Downtown Atlanta at:

2365 Pleasantdale Rd Atlanta, GA 30340