Afterschool Music Program in Atlanta, Georgia

Why Settle for Afterschool that's Basically Daycare?

Enrich your Children's Lives with Rehearse Live's Afterschool Music Program Instead!

 Welcome to our afterschool music program in Atlanta, Georgia. If you want to give your child the opportunity to embrace a passion for music, the programs at Rehearse Live will make it as convenient and comfortable as possible. Rehearse Live will transport your child to our music studio every day school is in session. Once they arrive, we will give your child the knowledge and resources they need to pursue their creativity in music.   


  You don’t have to invest in all new equipment to build a studio at home for your kids. We have the resources to help at our professional studio. We have curated a space for musicians of all skill levels to grow their musical abilities in many ways. Fans of jazz, rock and roll, classical, and other music genres are welcome here. The program offers daily musical instruction.  


  Read below to learn more about our afterschool music program in Atlanta, Georgia, including costs, location, and more. Sign up for our program whenever you’re ready to support your kids’ musical endeavors.   


 $359 a month

($40 registration fee per child, which includes an instrument or microphone!)

Multi Child Discount

Program location:  2365 Pleasantdale Road, Atlanta, GA 30340

Ages – All ages Kindergarten and UP       Time – After school – 6:30 pm

Typical Schedule: Arrive at Rehearse Live, snack time, music class, homework time, and parent pick up. Exact start times depend on school dismissal time.

Approximate class times (times may change due to traffic or other circumstances)

Rehearse Live's transportation service area currently includes:

Hightower Elementary School

Oakcliff Elementary School

Pleasantdale Elementary School

Livsey School

Graves Elementary School

Doraville United Elementary School

Evansdale Elementary School

Sequoyah Middle School